'Eye of God'

Pictures of the Week: 09.30 – 10.06 2012 | CLIK/HEAR | Multimedia, photography, video showcase of The Palm Beach Post http://clikhear.palmbeachpost.com/2012/potw/pictures-of-the-week-09-30-10-06-2012/
Helix remix reveals 'Eye of God' nebula in a new light - PhotoBlog http://photoblog.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/03/14205623-helix-remix-reveals-eye-of-god-nebula-in-a-new-light?lite
Nebulae & Clouds The Helix Nebula (The Eye of God or NGC 7293) is a large planetary nebula, 700 ly away in Aquarius. The glow of the central star is so energetic that it causes the previously expelled gases to brightly fluoresce – Anne's Astronomy News http://annesastronomynews.com/photo-gallery-ii/nebulae-clouds/the-helix-nebula-the-eye-of-god-or-ngc-7293-is-a-large-planetary-nebula-700-ly-away-in-aquarius-the-glow-of-the-central-star-is-so-energetic-that-it-causes-the-previously-expelled-gases-to-bright/
"Eye of God" made of Comet's Dust http://thefutureofthings.com/pod/164/-quot-eye-of-god-quot-made-of-comets-dust.html
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